Testimonials for Ocala Equine Healing

“Undaunted is better and better than ever. He’s on the top of his game now. HE WON a very good race yesterday. He beat really good horses because of you! Sweetest Boy is doing amazing. He's another horse completely. Lady Alidett changed totally. Now, when you go in the stall with her, she comes to you, friendly. She never did that before. She was always scared before. King Leonardo is the best he’s ever been, and he was already so good, you know.

However, I am most impressed with the difference in Cavalia’s Soul. She is breaking out of the gate like she never had a problem in her life. It’s incredible. I'm very happy. Thanks so much.”

Alfredo Lichoa DVM, Owner and Head Trainer at Lichoa Racing Stables, Ocala and Palm Meadows. Founding Stallion Director at Northwest Stud, Ocala Florida https://www.northweststud.com/.

Trainer of Lady Alida, winner of Treasure Coast Stakes and In The Breeze Stakes.

“You did an incredible job on Majesty. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’m the hardest person to get to believe anything. I don’t normally try stuff like energy healing, but this is the real deal. That horse was dangerous before. Nobody could get near him. Now, I can go up to Majesty in his stall and pet him, rub on him, anything. There’s none of that crazy mentality anymore. Do you know how incredible that is? When we play the session recording for him, he just stands quietly by the door with his head hanging down. Afterwards he’ll lay down and take a nap. When a potential buyer came to look at him, he walked over and started licking her hand! I’ve never seen him do that. You are as real as they come.”

Roger Roberts, Owner and Head Trainer at Five Phases Farm, Ocala. https://fivephasesfarm.com/ 

“Over the weekend, I took Awesome Sky out on the practice track. He was doing okay, but he was still tough, really testing the bit. I brought him back and played the healing recording for him, then tried again the next day. Then the miracle happened! He yielded. He free-galloped for the rest of the work-out. He wasn’t fighting the bit or fighting the bridle. He felt free and light. He’s never galloped like that before! For the first time ever since I’ve owned him, he free-galloped. He’s always been heavy and aggressive, he’s never felt light under tack before. He’s also started responding to affection, whereas before he used to bite me after a little bit.

We weren’t sure where to go with Awesome Sky’s training before you showed up in the shed-row. Earlier that day we were talking about how he was stalled out, not able to get past a slow work-out. Now just two healing sessions later, we’re thinking about getting him ready to race again!”

Lee Cameron, career Horseman and Exercise Rider at Casse Training Center


 “Rose isn’t cribbing anymore. He used to crib non-stop. He used to break my water buckets, food tubs, anything he could reach. Now he hasn’t cribbed in a long time. He’s almost 100% better. I keep telling people that this is working and they need to call you!”

Gabriel Rispo, Owner and Head Trainer of Seminole Stables, Ocala.

Trainer of Bird of Prey, Parx race winner

Trainer of Discreet Cathy, Parx race winner

“I worked with Sundance yesterday after your session with her. Pressure has always been an issue with her. She has always gotten defensive when I push her limits. But yesterday, she was soft for the first time, not defensive. She never left me. Her eyes were soft. She didn’t pull away. It was amazing. It was like night and day. We got our flying lead changes for the first time after that. Huge breakthrough! Huge! Thank you!”  

  Caroline Beste, Founder of Tao of Horsemanship  https://www.taoofhorsemanship.com/ 

“Jamie, God bless you. The gray filly breezed from the gate today and it was poetry in motion. She ran right into her new trainer’s hands. She was the rankest filly before you helped her, and now she is the happiest one in the barn. Thank you and the Angels.” 

Joseph Brocklebank, Owner of Erin-American Bloodstock. Bloodstock agent of Princess of Sylmar, Trippi, Black Tie Affair, State of Play, and Never Retreat. Jockey riding leading sire Danzig when he broke his maiden in 1979. https://www.joebrocklebank.com/ 

Gayle Woods's Horses Healed of Bone Problems

“Jamie is my lifesaver. In March 2018, I had a colt named Mo Mississippi who had three bone spurs in his knees. I’ve only ever seen bone spurs break off and become chips. I’ve never seen them disappear before. The bone spurs were GONE after three sessions with Jamie and the Angels, and in June Mo sold at OBS for $370,000.  I’ve asked a couple of vets if they’ve ever seen bone spurs disappear. They all said they’ve never seen it happen before.

Then in March 2019, I had a filly named Mucha Suerte with bone spurs and bad OCD. Jamie and the Angels worked with her a few times, and the problems disappeared. She x-rayed clean in June and sold! Then I got two yearlings, Grey Empress ’18 and My Sweet Candy ’18, both with a page of bone problems a mile long. Bone spurs, sesamoiditis, OCD, hock problems, stifle problems. They were a mess. Jamie started working with them in June. By October 1, they x-rayed absolutely clean. I don’t know how it works, but I know it works. She’s been my secret weapon. If you have a horse with bone problems, you should absolutely have her and the Angels work with them.”

Gayle Woods, Owner and Head Trainer at Gayle Woods Training & Sales, Ocala. Trainer of graded stakes winners Subtle Aly, Deputy Glitters, Slews Tizzy, Game On Dude, Kiss The Kid, and Excaper. http://www.gaylewoods.com/

Article about Mo Mississippi's record-tying OBS sale breeze: http://www.thoroughbreddailynews.com/uncle-mo-colt-fastest-of-week-at-obs/

Mrs. Orb WINS 2019 Bay Ridge Stakes at Aqueduct

In February 2019, Mrs. Orb was a four-year-old thoroughbred filly with no wins in 9 starts. Her owner and trainers were considering if they should retire her, but figured she was worth a few healing sessions. Mrs. Orb had two healing sessions with Ocala Equine Healing between February and March 2019.

In April 2019, she returned to New York and started winning big. Mrs. Orb won five of her next seven races, including the Bay Ridge Stakes at Aqueduct on December 29, 2019. She had never won a race before her healing sessions, and had only earned $51,974.

After two healing sessions with Ocala Equine Healing, totalling $140, Mrs. Orb earned $214,046 and a stakes win.

General ("Moose"), healed of trailer fear, won at Gulfstream

UPDATE: After his first healing session on 04/08/19, "Moose" loaded calmly into a trailer to Tampa Bay Downs and finished third in his first race.

After his third healing session on 09/19/19, "Moose" traveled easily to Miami and WON at Gulfstream Park on 09/22/19.

Linda Krueger and Bill Jurgens tell the story of their five-year-old thoroughbred gelding's miracle healing.

"Moose" refused to go in a trailer for seven months before his session.

"That's the best $70 I ever spent." -Bill Jurgens

Super Super Lucky, healed of EPM, won races!

Mickey Kroger, Head Trainer at Winter Quarters Farm, says:

“Super Super Lucky is five years old and had never run better than 4th in a race. Most of his races, he just galloped around the track with no interest in running. Before a race, he would tremble. I mean, he would start trembling hours before the race and then when we would saddle him for the race, he would get worse. His EPM would also rear its ugly head whenever we started breezing him and pressuring him.  Super has had a variety of EPM treatments for over a year, which never made a significant improvement.

You worked with him on the Monday before the race, right? On Tuesday, I played the session recording for him. He went trance-like. He was very calm. When he walked, he walked straight and didn’t get all twisty and rubber-necked. I didn’t see him stop one time while he was walking. On Wednesday, he was much stronger behind. I tried to cross his hind legs, and he resisted me! He was more relaxed and sighing often. On Saturday, when we were getting him ready for the race, he was relaxed and calm like I have never seen him before.

Then Super Super Lucky won the race. It wasn’t like a normal win. It was like a miracle. He had the lead, another horse got past him with the rest of the field way behind them, and Super regained the lead to win. It was like nothing you’ve ever seen. He came out of this race better than he’s come out of any race. After a race, he used to get off his feed for about two weeks. This time, he has not backed off his feed at all! Thank you for everything!”

Mickey Kroger, Head Trainer at Winter Quarters Farm, Williston Florida.

Winner of multiple stakes races.

Jamie working with Joe Brocklebank at the OBS January 2019 Sale.

“I want to thank you. My horse is perfect after you worked with him. The exercise riders see how calm he is now and ask me if he’s tranquilized. I tell them no, it’s what you did that made the difference. I took him to practice in the arena yesterday and he was so relaxed. His head was down, he did everything perfectly, nothing bothered him. He was so good. Everything about him has gotten better."

Jesus Garza, Assistant Trainer at Scanlon Training & Sales, Ocala 

“My hero! Maxx hasn’t bucked in ages! He’s line driving, his eye is softer, and he’s so much happier. He’s a different horse now. He went to the round pen this morning and the rider bellied up on him, but he didn’t buck at all. On a scale of one to ten, this was a ten. Also, Hardcore Cat is running so much faster, and she hasn’t bled once since her session. Colleen’s feet are almost completely healed. She loves training now! We are very excited!” 

Jolane Weeks, Owner and Head Trainer of New Edge Training Center, Ocala. Trainer of Hardcore Cat and Moonshine Cate, Gulfstream race winners

“I want to thank you for all of your positive work with Celestial Dream and Data Doll. The improvement with Celestial is phenomenal. Thank you again for your help!”

Ed Stanco, owner of King Of Prussia Stable and owner/breeder of four-time Grade 1 winner Princess of Sylmar, the only filly in history to sweep the Longines Kentucky Oaks, Coaching  Club American Oaks, Alabama Stakes, and Beldame Stakes.


“Awesome Sky is still very strong, just not in a mean way anymore. Today I was in there picking his stall, and all he wanted to do was play with me. He’s a lot happier, friendlier, easier for me to handle on and off the track. His entire being has changed! He’s improving! Much improvement. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not an angel, but he’s not the devil anymore either.”

Anita Cameron, Foreperson at Casse Training Center.


“Buffalo Chief isn’t stall-walking anymore. He stall-walked his whole life before you worked with him, and it stopped after one session with you. Put that on your website.”

Gayle Woods, Owner and Head Trainer at Gayle Woods Training & Sales, Ocala. Trainer of graded stakes winners Subtle Aly, Deputy Glitters, Slews Tizzy, Game On Dude, Kiss The Kid, and Excaper. http://www.gaylewoods.com/


“Vanilla is getting better and better. I even worked her cutting cows and she was perfect. Her entire demeanor has changed. We trailered Dottie in an open trailer to a cutting competition last weekend, and she never lifted a foot to kick. That’s a big improvement. She came in 2nd in the competition by the way, with 73 points. Overall, her demeanor is softer and more relaxed. Her eyes are completely healed. Her summer sores are almost gone. Both my horses are so much better.

Everything is starting to come together for my business too. I used to not know how to tell people I had a spiritual energy healer working at my barn, but the horses feel better, I feel better, the place feels better. It works! What can I say? It works.”

Shelley Flanagin, Owner and Head Trainer at SSMC Performance Horses at Acres of Love.

"Thank you for your patience and kind heart. I thought the sessions went so well. I could see and feel the horses listening to your every word. It was beautiful to see and experience. I am so grateful for you, thank you for everything!" -Jimene S., Rodeo Competitor, Hollister California

"Giant’s breathing problems are almost gone. His back isn't hurting him much anymore either. His workouts are getting faster. He's trying harder in his workouts. He's getting better and better all around!"
Heidi Cecil, Owner and Head Trainer at Imagine... Thoroughbreds, Ocala.

"Hans has been doing fantastic! Things have been tremendously better since you saw him last! We rode out with the cows yesterday, and Hans was SO GOOD! You should have seen him. He just looked at them, and he stayed calm. He didn’t freeze, he didn’t spook. I was even able to get him to turn and walk in a different direction. He has come a long way with one session!”
Dawn H., Competitive Hunter/Jumper, Ocala

Cavalia's Soul, healed of starting gate fear

Cavalia's Soul (trained by Alfredo Lichoa, DVM) is a three-year-old racing thoroughbred who refused to go into a starting gate. In less than two months, with three healing sessions, she was working in the gate.

Less than a month later, she ran her first race at Gulfstream Park.


 “Rose stopped cribbing! It’s a beautiful thing. He’s changed a lot from working with you. I swear, I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s gotten more confident, he’s easier to work with, and HE’S NOT CRIBBING!"
Alexis V., Assistant Racing Trainer at Seminole Stables, Ocala Florida

"Precious has done so well since her first session. It was really beautiful to watch. All that day and the next day, most of the horses being led out of the barn stopped and stood by her stall for a moment. She seemed to have a sense of peacefulness and well-being around her. It was if she felt comfortable with herself, at ease, and I had never seen that in that way before. It is a process that I hope will bring about a truly lasting sense of stability and security for her. ”

Paula B., Natural Horsemanship Practitioner, Ocala Florida

"What a great session! You were spot on about several details! We will re-listen to the session many times. Thank you so very much for your miraculous help!"

Kathy W., Companion Horse Owner, Columbia Missouri


“I think about 15-20 minutes after the session, ahh how to explain- it felt similar to the way I felt when I first got my prescription glasses and could see the leaves on the trees for the first time. Nice to have it back where it should be. Thank you again.”
Mia W., Natural Horsemanship Instructor, Ocala Florida

“Such a great experience. Thank you. I just wanted to say, so much of what was spoken was describing the experience of my experience. It’s so cool. Thank you again.”

Jocelyn B., recipient of personal healing session, Edina Minnesota

“Since our first sessions, both Callan and I have catapulted into really good spots, and it just keeps improving! It’s remarkable. My confidence as a rider, my leadership, and our horse-to-human bonding all went into  hyper-drive after that. And personally, this has turned a corner in my life. I feel like me again for the first time in a long time. After your  session with me, my husband and my co-workers noticed right away that I was happier and less stressed. It feels like everything just keeps  getting better now!”  

Dianna G., Natural Horsemanship Practitioner, Jacksonville Florida

“We were just reflecting, again, on her healing session with you! The miracle has already happened. It is obvious to my student, and me, that your session with her was tremendous! I can see the "weight" lifting not only from the horses but the people you touch. My student’s energy is lighter and at the same time more grounded. She feels amazing and because of your session with her she is able to center more easily. What has transpired is amazing!”

Caroline Beste, Founder of Tao of Horsemanship