Our Mission

At Ocala Equine Healing, our mission is to heal
the root causes of your horse's health and behavioral issues
to get them back on track for perfect health, peak performance, and a happy life.

Introduction to Ocala Equine Healing

Jamie McGonagill, Founder of Ocala Equine Healing, gives an introduction to her educational background, the healing method she practices, and why your horses would benefit from this work. 

About Us

Energy Healing for Horses: The Angelic Advantage


Do you have a horse with stubborn problems that won't go away, or that keep coming back?

Do you have a horse with issues that good veterinarians say you can't do anything about?

Do you have a horse with issues that good trainers say you can't do anything about?

Do you have a horse with problems the normal solutions don't handle?

Have you decided to "just live with this"?

Ocala Equine Healing is here to help.

Physical Health Issues:

Every physical injury or illness has a root cause, an energetic blockage that keeps the body from healing. When we discover the root cause and remove it from the energy body, the physical body heals as if by a miracle. This method has a proven success rate with: cancer, EPM, bone spurs, shin splints, weight loss, weight gain, breathing problems, lung-bleeding, non-sweating, tight stifles, joint stiffness/soreness, laminitis, hoof abscesses, inflamed ligaments, gastric ulcers, shortness of breath, skin disease, lameness, chronic injuries, tying up, breaking and training accidents, and more.

Behavioral Issues:

 With behavioral issues, we help horses change their ineffective habits of thinking and acting, and make better choices so they can live to their full potential. This method has a proven success rate with: cribbing, stall-walking, trailer and transportation troubles, starting gate fear, rearing, phobias, storm trauma / lightning terror, aggression, anxiety, self-injury, bad attitudes, breaking and training traumas, and more.

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Searching for the perfect gift for the horse-lover in your life?

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Schedule a Healing Session, Anywhere


No matter where you live, we can help. Our Equine Energy Healers facilitate distance healing sessions for clients all over the world.

Bone spurs, foundering, tendon damage, inflamed joints, food anxiety, rearing, shying, training issues, cribbing, and more.

Whatever your horse's challenge is, it can be healed.

"I cannot say enough about Jamie and the work she does.

I've met many energy practitioners, animal communicators, etc. in my time, and the work she has done has been far beyond my expectations. She has not only helped me with my personal soul purpose and journey, she has helped many of the horses and students at my center. Words cannot express the amazing process and results her work can offer you and your horse."

Caroline Beste, Founder of Tao of Horsemanship 


Proven Performance Results

Undaunted (trained by Alfredo Lichoa, DVM) is a three-year-old racing thoroughbred who wasn't finishing races. He used to give up before the finish line. After three healing sessions with Jamie McGonagill of Ocala Equine Healing, he WON an excellent race at Gulfstream Park.

In this video, you can watch how it happened.

Proven Physical Results

Solo's cataract before his first distance healing session.


Solo, a 12-year-old Quarter Horse Gelding, had a years-old cataract.

The right eye was almost completely clouded.

This photograph was taken on September 19, 2018.

Solo's first distance healing session was June 10, 2019.

Solo's cataract after his first distance healing session.


The cataract has shrunk and is consolidating.

Parts of the eye no longer have any cataract clouding.

This photograph was taken on June 23, 2019.

Proven Behavioral Results

UPDATE: After his first healing session on 04/08/19, "Moose" loaded calmly into a trailer to Tampa Bay Downs and finished third in his first race.

After his third healing session on 09/19/19, "Moose" traveled easily to Miami and WON at Gulfstream Park on 09/22/19.

Linda Krueger and Bill Jurgens tell the story of their five-year-old thoroughbred gelding's miracle healing.

"Moose" had refused to go in a trailer for seven months before his session.

"That's the best $70 I ever spent." -Bill Jurgens

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Equine Energy Healing?

 Our Equine Energy Healers are highly trained to merge with the horse’s electromagnetic field. Then we connect with the horse’s Guardian Angels, who guide the powerful healing process. Using advanced energy techniques, we remove the energetic blockages that are causing physical and emotional damage to the horse, while providing the horse with powerful conscious tools to fulfill their potential.

This creates the Angelic Advantage.

What problems can this heal?

Our Equine Energy Healing method heals the root causes of any physical and health problems, behavioral issues, and emotional challenges.

This method succeeds in situations where everything else has failed. There is no case too desperate, no challenge too great.

What if I have multiple horses? What if I don't live in Florida?

Our Equine Energy Healers can facilitate up to 3 healing sessions in one day. The more healing sessions we do with any herd or barn, the greater the overall healing is for that equine community.

Our Equine Energy Healers facilitate distance healing sessions for horses anywhere in the world. All you need is a working phone.

What happens between healing sessions?

The horse's owners and trainers are provided with an audio recording of each Equine Healing session. The healing energy of the session is imprinted into the recording. The more times the horse is able to hear the recordings between sessions, the faster he heals.

How long are healing sessions and how much do they cost?

A typical Equine Energy Healing session lasts 40 minutes and the cost is $75 per session.

How many healing sessions will my horses need?

Every horse is unique and every situation is unique. Sometimes miracle healings are possible with only one session. However, we recommend 5 sessions for complete healing of deep issues.

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